for the creative, heart-centered woman who has an expertise, talent, or skill she wants to leverage and an offer she wants to monetize 📱

It all starts by increasing your visibility ASAP 
so let's begin by landing you some press!

... in as little as 24 hours 
so you can stop being a best-kept secret 💄👠

👩🏻‍💻 From: Tarla Makaeff
💫Los Angeles, CA

Dear creative spirit,

I believe it's no coincidence you landed on this page.

Because I know what it's like to want to get your message out to the world today, not tomorrow.

And I truly support the fact that being on social media and having an email list are key to that.

But I also know there is one step you can take immediately while you build your presence through the interwebs... and that's PR!
Are You Dreaming Of Increasing Your Authority In Your Industry?

... And doing this through book deals, speaking gigs, and so many other exciting ventures? 

Then I'd love to introduce you to my special coaching session designed to create this...

... because there's no better way to do that than using publicity along with your hard-earned expertise, God-given talents, or epicly original skills to impact others TODAY.
There's Something You Can Do Right Now To Instantly Increase Your Credibility

And no one told me about this when I started (weeps silently). In fact, I'd sadly never done this before I came online. I missed SO many public relations opportunities.

Fortunately, I've now become my own expert in this area, even advising peers who keep asking me how I'm doing it.

At one point, I hired a publicist as I had in the past when I had a shoe and handbag line. 

But here's the thing, they are very Expen$ive.

*and no, I'm not talking about the song from that reality show where reunions turn into catfights amid all the glam, sparkly gowns, and plunging necklines*

So I took my previous knowledge from working in PR back in the day and learned how to pitch myself the modern way to gain media exposure. And now, I'm sharing that with you.
Why PR Now?

Consider it your prep work for your online career.

I'll admit I'm an advocate of being prepared and if you follow me, you know I'm all about my motto: "you don't start with social media, you end with it."

But that comes with a caveat. That's when you don't yet have an offer.

So while that's my belief, what's also true is that if you're ready, getting some media will instantly increase your credibility RIGHT NOW.

Building a social media following isn't an instant process. This is.
So What Can I Coach You On Today?

Here's how I can help you right now in this special one-time session.

Visibility x 100.

1 - If you have an existing expertise, talent, or skill that you can leverage  


2 -If you have an offer you can monetize

... I'm going to show you the non-social media way to gain a presence in front of other people's audience within as little as 24 hours

Yes, that's right! (and yes, I've done this myself that quickly).

With no complicated anything.

This PR method has landed me in front of thousands of people who would otherwise never have heard of me.
Here's What People Are Saying...

"I would HIGHLY recommend Tarla! Professional, superb, insightful, genius, and leading in her industry! Her training is of the highest calibur! Tarla's a TRUE professional who really cares about her clients and gives 110% to her program and client instruction. She's the best of the best."

- Kimberly L.

As Seen In...

Why I'm Doing This...

I typically only work with women through coaching packages, but I want to give you a secret advantage. 

So I'm doing it in this one session... that frankly, is priceless.

It's my way of introducing myself to you so of course, if you want marketing coaching, you may just think of me. 

And hey, it's a great way to sprinkle a bit of oh so good karma out there in the universe ;)
How This Works...

First, we'll have our one-time session, and I will give you your personalized plan (yes, exact places to go to pitch yourself and get booked now - not theory).

Not only will you have your own bespoke PR strategy based on your niche that will instantly up your SEO and social media cred...

(oh yeah, this will also be invaluable when people Google you and it lasts forever)

... but you'll also have a running start to building your business online.
What The Media Is Saying
About Tarla Makaeff...

"Tarla Makaeff is the newest success story, turning heartbreak and loss into triumph. Now, she empowers women to succeed in the online business space. She is known as the Copy Queen and has over ten years of copywriting and email marketing experience as a 7-figure revenue copywriter."

LA Weekly

”Today, the visionary has been creating significant waves in the industry by supporting those who wish to carve their own professional paths through creating a business that speaks volumes about their passion and purpose."

Influencer Daily

"She empowers her clients by teaching them the important rules behind effective direct response, email marketing, funnels, social media, and digital product creation. These skills take time to learn, and Tarla is passionate about journeying with her clients until she sees them succeed in their respective fields."

New York Weekly

"After being in the field of agency and freelance copywriting for over a decade, Tarla Makaeff has established herself as a reliable source of inspiration for hundreds of entrepreneurs, guiding them as they grow their brands with copy that converts."

Influencer Daily

Exactly What You Get...

When we work together I will share:

- What to do even if you're starting from absolutely zero with no press

- The secret to quickly getting started to leverage bigger and bigger media outlets even if you're new in business or your niche

- The shockingly easy way you can even land in well-known publications from day ONE with absolutely no connections

- How to create a winning bio and pitch that makes journalists and podcasters instantly interested in you

- Free sources where you can receive invitations to online article interviews, podcast appearances, and even speaking gigs (and have them approach you!)

- How to directly pitch outlets you're interested in appearing on and land your first booking in as little as 24 hours

- Your personalized strategy for appearing on top-rated podcasts (those with hundreds of reviews and hundreds of thousands of listeners)

- The ONE thing you have that will always land you press, irregardless of your business background
Why I Can Help You...

If we haven't already met...

I've been a marketer for 18 years. I took a laptop and the Internet and turned it into a seven figure brand writing for Silicon beach Fortune 500 clients while helping them collectively earn millions of dollars in revenue.

Brands I've worked with in a marketing capacity include...

CBS, Coca-Cola, Days Inn, DreamWorks SKG, Hot Dog On A Stick, Kia Motors, Makita, New Line Cinema, Oroweat, PacifiCare (now known as United HealthCare), Sunkist, Universal Studios, and Washington Mutual.

So yeah, I've been at this for a while now... I'm a marketer at heart.
You Were Born To Make An Impact.

Today, as an online entrepreneur with a digital book, digital courses, and a coaching program, I live a life where I get to help women all over the world create an online business. I make more impact in the world than I ever thought possible. 

And now, I'm here to help you do the same and turn your passion into purpose. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to talking with you soon!


P.S. - You deserve to be seen and heard!

And I'm on a mission to empower women like you to go after your wildest dreams and become forces in this world so they can make the impact they desire.

I invite you to be one of those women.

So - if you want to build instant trust and authority while increasing offer conversions, BOOK A SESSION ASAP. Spots are limited!


Who is this coaching session for?

You simply need an expertise, talent, or skill you can leverage AND an offer you can monetize (ie - a service, coaching, course etc...). You don't have any press yet, and are looking for bigger platforms to spread your message and offer.

What if I don't have an offer yet?

I'd suggest you start with my course, Social Star. Or jump right into a coaching package with me following this session to create your coaching program or digital course. If you want to monetize quickly, I'd suggest coaching, and we can get you the beginning of your framework so you can start pitching your offering for publicity within a few weeks.

Can I really get my own press?

Yes, you can. And it's actually easier than you think. It's just a matter of knowing how to position yourself. Even if you're new, you can get press. Of course, you have to have an expertise, talent, or skill you can monetize. There should be something notable to talk about. If you have these two things and you are committed to actively pitching yourself, you will get press in no time.

What type of publicity will you cover in the coaching session?

The type of publicity I will teach you to get includes online publications as well as podcasts. But the same ideas apply to radio and TV pitches.

Why not just hire a PR agency?

It's true you can work with a PR agency on retainer - and I have done this a couple times. But it will be pricey. Very pricey. So unless you're prepared to pay  four figures monthly for an extended period of time (aka five figures), it's not doable. This is why it's really not a suitable option for most small business owners.

What's your PR background?

Years ago, I first worked as a PR account executive for a famous activist and actor targeting youth for anti-tobacco campaigns. Then, after six years in marketing agencies as a copywriter, when I went freelance, I did some press for corporate brands. 

When I created my own shoe line, I hired a PR agency (and learned much of what not to do). Later, I went on to be the lead in a very high profile lawsuit that landed me in The New York Post, Forbes, Vanity Fair, HuffPost, Newsweek, and Vox among many others, giving me considerable exposure to journalists and their mindset as well as how to interview. 

More recently, I worked with another PR firm for my online business, and I realized I could do much of this myself as I had the background. And now, I've done just that and managed to get ongoing press for my online business, quite easily.

What's your coaching style?

I coach with compassion, understanding, heart, and a little humor sometimes too. Think of it as having a latte with your BFF - except you'll bring your notepad or laptop to take notes.

Exactly how can you help me beyond this coaching session?

I'm a 7 figure copywriter, online business and life coach, as well as a certified hypnotherapist. One of my core mottos - from my own experience with manifesting a wildly successful career through affirmations and deep self belief - is that business is 80% mindset. In order to manifest, you have to have the right mindset. And in order to have the right mindset, you have to emotionally heal.

This is why I help creative, heart centered women like you start their own purpose filled business online and scale their brand with copy that converts, while increasing their self-love along the way. I do this through digital courses and coaching. 

Who do you typically work with online?

Women I work with are those who have an expertise, talent, or skill and are interested in creating either a low ticket digital product with a product suite of courses or a high ticket coaching business or both. I coach you on how to pre-sell and launch, create your email list and grow it, make sales with the newest strategies, and develop funnels to sell on repeat 24/7 both organically and with paid ads.

Creating a digital course or coaching program takes time and dedication so it requires at least 3 months of us working together.

How do I work with you again after this first session?

If you want to create your signature digital course or coaching program, there are 2 ways we can work together:

I offer Market Like A Maven, a 3 month program (9 sessions) 

(Create a digital course OR coaching program)

... or Blow Up Your Brand, a 6 month program (18 sessions).

(Create a digital course AND coaching program)

With each program, you get:

- 45 minute long sessions via phone calls three times a month 

- Access to all digital books and courses that are released and available while working together

- Unlimited daily Voxer text and chat support (Monday through Friday)

What's covered in your coaching program?

Topics we can work on while creating your digital course or coaching program include...

Business focused such as: Audience Growth, Brand Story, Content Creation, Conversions, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Funnels (High Ticket + Low Ticket), Lead Generation (Organic + Paid), Mindset, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing Strategies, and Social Media Ads.

Personal focused like: Life Challenges, Manifestation, Personal Relationships, and Self Development.

How can you help me create a digital course?

If you've fantasized about having your own digital course... If you've aspired to touch thousands of lives with your special gifts and your message... If the idea of creating a digital product once and selling it forever on repeat appeals to you... If you're feeling financially limited in your current business... If you want to wake up to daily pings with payments coming in while you get your beauty sleep... 

My coaching program was designed to coach you to create a digital course by:

- Picking your course topic
- Getting clear on your ideal customer
- Naming and pricing your course
- Validating your idea and pre-selling
- Outlining, structuring, and recording your course
- Promoting your course with social media, email, webinars, and ads

How can you help me create a coaching program?

If you've always yearned to be a coach... If you've longed for a career that makes on impact on others' lives while giving meaning to your own... If you're ready to earn the income you deserve while serving people all over the world and stepping into your true purpose... If you desire to use your talents, skills, and knowledge to help others while creating your own schedule... 

I can help you create a coaching program by...

- Refining your coaching skills
- Removing limiting beliefs to get clients and charge premium pricing
- Defining your niche and attracting dream clients
- Determining the specific end result you want your clients to achieve
- Structuring your coaching offering
- Creating a supportive environment for your clients

Will I get results with your business coaching?

I love these sessions and programs. I believe deeply in this work, but I cannot ethically guarantee or warrant any type of results. Additionally, there are no refunds for coaching due to the live element. So please ask any questions and get the answers you need before you enroll.

With that said, I believe this is a priceless investment that will be totally transformative for the woman who is ready to fully embrace it. The woman who is driven by living out her passions.

Do you have questions that haven't been answered here? 

Email for a reply. 
P.P.S. - Oh hi! I like to get to the good stuff too ;) So here are the short and sweet deets... I'm offering a special one-time session for my online business coaching so you can get press and go from best-kept secret to the #1 authority in your niche!
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